Basic SEO technologies used by SEO Company Coimbatore

Basic SEO techniques need to do:

Create your Title Tag:

Every page you have in your website should be having unique Meta title and not all the title need to create equally. For the purpose of SEO, there are certain methods needs to follow. That are,

The title should be equal to 55 to 60 characters.

The title should be containing both the brands name and your main keywords.

Need to given title should be very clearly and that should be more search volume.

These are the specifications followed by the SEO Companies in Coimbatore.

Create unique Meta description:

When you are creating the title tag for your web pages, you need to create Meta description for all the web pages that should be also unique compare to other websites. The character limitation for the Meta description is should be 145 to 160. Meta description also should include your brand name and main keywords. And that should be very clear what going to deliver on this page to user.

Use the Keyword highly as heading:

All web pages of your website should be including both the Meta Title and Meta description and also use the keywords rich in you content. When you looks to text of the particular web page, the heading of the content should be given as keywords and heading must include h1 or h2 tag. If you writing more than 450 words, use the keywords must contain to 3 to 4 times. Those keywords should be bold.

Creating more Internal Links between your pages:

This is one of the major factors used in SEO techniques. This is effectively help to read your site by spider and chance to get search result and domain authority. That is help to connect the people to various pages obtain in your website.

Providing ALT tag to all images:

If your web pages contain more images, there is one of the ways to add your keywords for those images. ALT tag is generally used for provide the identification for the images in the format of text. This is very important when your pages contain more images. Do not stuff all your keywords; use some keyword variation that should very help to you. ALT must be clearly explained about your website images.

These are the basic SEO techniques used by the SEO Company in Coimbatore. When you followed these on your SEO, you get better result on search engine.


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